Ballard tops Scott Co. 85-76

#2 Ballard defeats #4 Scott County in a thriller

85-76 Final

Phil Baker


Think it’s fair to say this game between HS Replays/ESPN680 preseason poll  No. 2 Ballard Bruins and No. 4 Scott County lived up to the hype. Some of the states big names had huge games for their teams and are going to be scary come state tournament time. University of Louisville commit, Bruin sophomore, Quentin Snider had 27 points alongside an impressive performance by teammate Lavonne Holland’s 22 points. Although No. 4 Scott County Cardinals came out on the losing end, Tamron Manning and Isaiah Ivey are the real deal. Manning, a Marshall Signee, had 15 points, 10 rebounds and four steals. Ivey, a Gardner-Webb signee, had a game high 34 points, and has a smooth jumper even with a hand in his face.

Ballard began the 4th quarter trailing by six points but flipped the switch by going on a 20-6 run. The Bruins are scary in the open court and have a deep bench. Coach Renner isn’t shy about bringing in some of the supporting cast to help close out games, which should help them later in the season.

UofL commit Snider has a more polished game this year. Under more control but still makes it look effortless getting to the basket and making the tough shot. Doesn’t hurt that Snider was 4/5 from three point land either

When the ball wasn’t in Manning or Ivey’s hands, No. 4 Scott Co. had trouble advancing the ball due to Ballard’s pressure. That being said a lot of attention to the Cardinal stars which allowed them to kick it out to three point specialist in Trent Gilbert who had three-three pointers for the ball game.

Ballard Student section does their homework when poking fun at the other team. I have no affiliation with No.4 Scott Co. but, they were starting to hurt my feelings. No, but seriously touché to Ballard’s Bear Cave? (Yeah, I’m definitely calling it that until further notice.)

  • Notable Celebrities
  • Former Cardinal big man Ellis Myles (confirmed)
  • Former Cardinal Alhaji Mohammed (rumored)
  • Current Myers Middle Basketball coach Marty Bailen (confirmed by yours truly)
  • My goal is to come up with a Nantzism after every game… yes a Nantzism.

[NANT-z-ism]: (verb) Having a punch line that the one the only Jim Nantz  would approve of.

Origin 1959- Current/ Charlotte North Carolina. 

Kiddos, google Jim Nantz quotes and get up to speed if unclear of who this ‘ICON’ is 😉

Today’s Nantzism is…

“The BRUINS…have come out of hibernation.”

Any who…. happy basketball season to all, we are in a treat for this season.

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