Staff Bios

Steve Ludden

The town I’m from, Poultney,Vermont, is such a special place to have grown up. It is a small town that lives to support the school and their high school sports. It instilled my love for sports and that passion has only grown with time. The PHS Blue Devil football team is like a local celebrity. Every Friday night the the fall the town shuts down to have a pep really right down main street that leads to a bonfire to honor the team. Saturday morning starts with church which the whole team attends and eagerly await the blessing of the day from the priest. This is followed by breakfast usually at a parents house, it rotates. For away game wins, there was usually a police or firetruck waiting at the village limits to great them and give an escort to the school.

I played all sports but football was my love. I played running back and defensive back. I called the defensive schemes from the field my senior year with an aggressive blitzing package. Speed was not a gift I had but I did have good football intuition and a quick first step. I did manage to make a few all-star teams. Playing for a small school, just about everyone played both ways. We were and I believe still are the smallest school in New England to play 11 man football.

As a recent graduate of East Tennessee State University with a BS in sport management, I interned last year at University of Louisville in the Sports Information Office. That experience taught me the ropes of the role of media and gave me some great insight into the world of sports.

This environment is what pushed me to start I was thinking how much i would love to be able to keep up my old team even though I live a 1000 miles away. My thought was that I’m not the only one who who benefit from this site, college students, family, and military personnel that may not live in the area could follow their teams. With technology getting faster and easier to use I pitched an idea to Howie Lindsey of Howie helped organize my vision and inform me of what he has had success with with his site.

I’ve had so much fun with this project. I’m a passionate fan and love the interaction I get from the fans, players, and coaches. Being close to the action is brings back great memories. Lastly, I have to say I that I have met a lot of great kids who whether they know it or not, are living some of the best times of their lives.


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